Tiffany Ellis

To whom it may concern
A lovely addition to our vacation in bali I meet kadek from indah balinanny& babyhire My two small girls (4,1,5 year)loved kadek and realy enjoyed playing with her As soon as I meet kadek I immediately felt comportable leaving the children’s with her.
We were fortunate to have kadek help us for two week but I wish she’s had been with us our entire vacation kadek was early to our villa every morning and woul quickly jump in helping us with the girl be it finishing breakfast or getting the girl bag paced to go out I woul recommend highly recommend to any one needing an extra pair hand with the kids,kadek is so warm hearted and composionate and I realy fell she cared for my children’s exsalty how I woul wich I know is very unique quality We wish her all the best and realy to see her again on our retune to bali
Best regard Ellis family