My name is Indah Wanti and I am the founder of Holiday Nanny. I have started my own business to provide high quality nannies in Bali. A lot of other nannies and I recently lost our jobs in Bali, so I wanted to find a way to help these other women find work. By us women in Bali working together, we can start to work towards a better life for us all, because we make more money in a local business. (Bali Nanny Baby Hire, Bali Holiday Nanny Services nannies).

Personally I have had 10 years experience as a nanny and prior to that I worked as a nurse for 10 years. This extensive knowledge in being a nanny and in healthcare has allowed me to understand the levels of ethics, work and care needed to take care of your most precious assets, the children!
Because I am Balinese I have already established a high rapport with the nannies I employ in the business, and can make sure that they are of high standard, and can also ensure very high standards in the workplace.