Sarah Watkinson

Having indah again we come every 6 month so lucky having indah again
My kids was so happy when indah arrive all kids we have 3 kids 3,5and 6 year old
They are very happy on indah hand we mom and dad feel free can enjoyable for our holiday
I leave the kids with indah all day so we also have litle work with karma no need to take the kids with us
Indah be come part of our family so
When we go shome here same time the kids does want go with us they just stay at the hotel with indah
We so happy have indah and the kids love her very much
When we will go the kids so easy to leave they say have fun mum bye
We know our kids in professional and experience care nanny so we no need to worry at all
Indah so good we woul like bring her back with us so sad the kids when say good bye to indah
They was had fun with her
I recommend highly indah for any one come holiday to bali
Kind regard sarah watkinson Melbourne Australia

Thank you so much wati for looking after Stella
You have done a fantastic job and made our holiday so relaxing
We will recommend shome frends who’s need nanny
Thanks again bali nanny for organised wati for us.