Sakinah,Umar & Sahara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ria is a fantastic nanny for my girls (17mo). She is
responsible, caring, honest, and communicative. She
speaks fluent English which makes our conversation
easy and my daughter could understand her as well. She
is also open-minded in receiving feedback and guidance
on how I would like my baby to be cared for and lucky for
me my style of parenting is something she is familiar
with. She is also very gentle, soft-spoken and patient
with my girl. Other than that, she always keeps us
updated via text on how they’re doing and shared a few
cute photos of my baby while we’re away. Ria is also
flexible with our last minute arrangements and she will
accommodate as much as possible.
For anyone who is looking for a nanny in Bali, I would
strongly recommend Ria, she is an amazing nanny who
will care for your children like they are family.