Rahel, David, Mila & Oskar, Zürich, Switzerland

We were lucky enough to have Ria living-in with us and
caring for our 2.5-year-old and 2.5-month old children in
Bali. We adored her gentle, compassionate nature and
having the pleasure of her company at home.
Her care & kindness extended to the whole family —
always thoughtful, generous and helpful in all aspects of
our daily life.
Ria is incredibly intuitive and quickly understood our
routines & needs. She is very experienced and has an
understanding of the Montessori approach to childcare.
Her English is great ( she can pick up other languages
very quickly too) and she is calm & softly spoken at all
In addition to childcare, she is a natural talent in the
kitchen and prepared the most delicious Indonesian
food — with fresh local ingredients — which our whole
family loved.
I can not speak highly enough of Ria — she is faultless in
her work and truly a pleasure to be around. Look no
further for the perfect nanny in Bali.