Melissa Hunter

my husband and i come to bali mart 2018 with our two childrens age 1 year oldand the tolder 3 year old
we thouth hiring a nanny for break with this two busy kids
fanely my husband show the good comon on balinanny and one of our frends 2 month ago also used them service and rememended
us good caring a nanny from them company
the agen sent nanny dian to us ,fist time i was nervous but my husband say like them time kids and the nanny to play so
we going for massage for one hour, so when we come they are happy colouring and playing card .
and our planing b4 only used them service for 4 hour but we see if them have good time with a nanny dian my husband say maybe we going out for dinner
and when we back the kids already a sleep
so we asking the nanny can we used more longger for next day she say can
when the children wake my daughter asking where is dian that was 6.30 am
and i say after breakfast your frends we come to play with you and jacob is my litle man.
so we very happy with them service and 10 days in bali we have to back home
thanks for dian to make us have wonderful holiday and gread time to spending time with all of us
we recomended higly for dian and bali nanny
kind regard melissa philips,ava and jacob
see you on our next trip to bali bye bye bali