Laurenna Tolmin

Just want say thank you for balinanny sent endang for us
As a new family the idea of taking a trip overseas to a forign land is both exciting as is anxiety ridden. Our bigger concern was for our most precious treasure, our five and half month old daughter the balinanny service was recommended endang for us
To look after our doughter
In short endang astuti was amazing she’s not only put our parental anxieties to rest she give our litle one her individed attention from the moment we sadly said goodbye.
I can honestly say not only will we miss tuti but our daughter now same very high exceptions from us as peronts as a result.both I and my partner woul not hesitate referring endah (tuti) your litle one shoul you find your self visiting area fist our holiday could have gone so many ways however thanks to tuti we have come home relaxed filled with fond memories and confident our further in bali with our daughter is our agenda
Thank you for lovely service
Laurenna,Richard ,ami Melbourne Australia 17 June 2016