Andrea Kindred

rama and indah was lovly they cared of my 2 boy and my 2 causin they both abselutly amazing
all the kids realy well they happy swiming all days with them our kids endored her so much
i woul recomended both higly to anyone trevling to bali with children endah + balinanny is her litle busniseto help her frends to get job for nannies in bali absolutly amazing service they all nanny experince join together to get job better and better life for all nanny in bali
i will recomended her busnis to all my frends whos need a nanny in bali .
our holiday so much enjoyble masive with endah and rama+ balinanny
servicethank you endah and rama we will miss you so much
hope your busnis and your nanny get job for get better and better for your
frends and family
miss you and kiss from all us we ll meet you on next holiday in desember
kind regard
andrea kindred and all famyly from pert australia