Term And Condition

Balinanny – babyhire will provide the customer with nanny, who will care of the care of the customer’s children as instructed by the customer.

Working hours
The nanny will work any and all hours required by the customer, up to a maximum of 14 hours per day. The nanny will be required to have a 30 munite break every 4 hours (only if more than 6 working hours per day).
The nanny has a “Nanny Hours Record Sheet” on wich the daily hours of services are recorded. The customer will receive an update copy of this at least one day before the period ends, to enable balinanny-babyhire calculation the final invoice (see.payment).

The agreement is valid from the date started below until no further services are required. Both the customer and balinanny have the right to terminate this agreement at any time in such cases the final invoice will be presented and payment is required immediately (see payments).

If the customer is not content with the performance or the attitude of a nanny, Balinanny – Babyhire will provide the customer with a new candidate within 24 hours.
Balinanny – Babyhire will change the nanny up to three time, on request.

Our nannies will have a professional conduct and are instructed to :
1. reject any offer to be hired and paid directly by the customer
2. not exchange content information with the customer
3. not discuss the salary they receive from Balinanny – babyhire with customer
4. not inquire about the fees the customer pays to Balinanny – Babyhire
5. not discuss their hardships in life with the objective to gain the customer’s pity and a good tip
the Customer will respect the above conduct rules.

The customer cannot and will not hold balinanny – babyhire liable for any damages that may result from using our services.
Simply use the booking calendar, fill reservation form on the right hand side and we will contact you shortly