Jodie Couzens

Having just returned from Bali I feel compelled to write a recommendation for Ria who made our holiday in Bali better than we could’ve imagined.  Travelling with a baby, just under one, and a toddler, nearly three, comes with a set of challenges all parents need to consider and Ria made our (post plane) vacation seamless giving my husband and I time to ourselves as well as allowing us to spend quality time with the children without the mundane day to day tasks that can eat away your day.  Being a mother Ria could read our children and attend to their needs without our input.  She is warm, caring and very attentive, and we all loved having her around.  Ria was happy to play games and find fun things to do and also very mindful of the harsh sun and open pool at our villa ensuring the kids were protected and secure at all times.  She was flexible, always happy to assist, switched on and a great communicator even helping us with local enquiries and a trip to the pharmacy.  I can not recommend Ria highly enough, she really helped to make our trip one to remember. If only we could have bought her home with us.